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   The Johnson Pinkney Stewart family is a large extended family of African Americans with ancestral roots to the three continents of Africa, North America, and Europe.  Primarily residing in the Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Virginia tri-state area; family members come from as far West as California and Colorado, Texas in the Southwest, Ohio and Michigan in the Midwest, as far North as Massachusetts, and from Florida in the South.

   The family has a rich history dating to the mid 17th century which includes: challenges to the institution of slavery, challenges to the Jim Crow laws of the 1880's (Stewart vs. The Sue), challenges to the segregated facilities of the 1950's and 1960's, military service (a Tuskegee Airman and The Buffalo Soldiers), firefighters, educators, administrators, community activists, and housewives.

   The history of the African American family has often been untold, obscured in myth, or hampered by the inability to locate reliable sources of information on family origins.  Thanks to the work of family historian, Julius C. Pinkney, this site is dedicated to the preservation and resurrection of the memories, ambitions, accomplishments and struggles of family members past and present in the hope that it will serve as inspiration for future generations.

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